7th International Youth to Youth Summit

Johannesburg, 10-14 November, 2022


Summit’s activities are designed to create a multinational functional dialogue and to inspire the development of new tools and means to design a sustainable future collaboratively. To deepen cooperation and partnership, the event aims at providing a number of networking sub-events including workshops and cultural activities, and enhancement of the Y2Y Alumni Network, which serves as a space for strengthening unity between youth from different continents of the world.

Problem Statement

The key questions we aim to address at the Summit are:

– How social entrepreneurship can become central in addressing environmental and ecological issues apart from wealth creation?

– What are the ways we engage young people and women in building a sustaining societies? How SDG’s can shape them to become agents of change in locally-led initiatives?

– How can youth adopt social entrepreneurship as a tool to end social inequality?

– What is the relationship between entrepreneurship and national development? How can it intensify international cooperation?

– What is the role of social entrepreneurship and innovations in societal transformation in developing nations?

– How social entrepreneurship creates social networks vital for sustainable community development?

– What is the role of entrepreneurial education in sustainable development? How does education for sustainable development contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship?

– How new innovative ideas and unexpected collaborations based on SDG’s can improve human rights and social justice?

– How social entrepreneurs improve global health while also facilitating economic, social and environmental wellbeing?

– How can we shift from good intentions to tangible actions? And why young people are key to achieving the SDGs?


We will answer these questions by exploring the following 6 sub-topics in corresponding speaking panels:

Two panel discussions per day are followed by the set of practical workshops targeting professional and entrepreneurial skills development. The Summit has an intercultural activity integrated into the opening ceremony, NGO fair throughout all four days of the event, city tour, networking and pitching activities.


  • The Summit and the follow-up programme will impact, empower and network more than 120 young emerging leaders from across the world, integrating South African active youth into a global community of changemakers, offering them the tools and knowledge to advance their work, implement ideas and master skills.
  • By finding answers to the key questions, by exploring the topic from six different perspectives, by sharing knowledge, best practices and unique experience, by connecting active youth with practitioners and experts, we want to build an integral atlas of opportunities and actions that will foster change and help to move forward to the sustainable future.
  • Summit’s delegates will be equipped with a unique set of skills through customised workshops and boot camp sessions, necessary for their development as leaders and professionals in the field, creating a pool of competitive activists with a great potential for fostering the change, bringing innovation to the next level, applying technologies to increase social impact and build inclusive society, generally influencing the regulatory environment, creating new infrastructure ready to face the changes of tomorrow.
  • 10 Summit delegates with the most promising ideas presented at the event will be selected for the further development in a week-long intense social entrepreneur training –  School for Early Social Entrepreneurs “Transform”. 5 top winners will receive a year-long mentorship programme in Y2Y Action Hub – online incubator for the development and implementation of socially beneficial ideas, projects and initiatives for community benefits.